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Alphaveta Technologies New Ai software


alphaveta offers a variety of pricing plans designed to cater to the diverse needs of guests and hosts in the vacation rental space.


Our flexible TrustScore pricing plans are designed to provide the best value while ensuring access to our advanced AI-powered scoring system for users with different budgets and requirements.

Choose your Subscription Plan

  • Basic Plan

    Our Basic Plan offers essential features
    Free Plan
    • TrustScore generation for guests and hosts
    • Basic access to user profiles and reviews
    • Connection to one vacation rental platform
  • Standard Plan

    Every month
    Perfect for regular vacation rental users
    • All Basic Plan features
    • Connection to multiple vacation rental platforms
    • Enhanced AI analysis for improved accuracy
    • Priority customer support
    • Access to Alphaveta's educational resources and guides
  • Premium Plan

    Every month
    Designed for users who want access to exclusive features
    • All Standard Plan features
    • In-depth analysis of user profiles and reviews
    • Customized compatibility matching
    • TrustScore badges and certifications for increased credibili
    • Exclusive access to new features and updates
    • Premium customer support

Enterprise Plan

Custom Pricing

The Enterprise Plan is tailored to the unique needs of vacation rental agencies, property management companies, and large-scale hosts. Contact our sales team for a custom pricing quote based on your specific requirements.

Features include:

All Premium Plan features

Customized integration with your existing systems

Advanced data analytics and reporting

Dedicated account manager

Priority access to new features and updates

Alphaveta Technologies New Ai software

With Alphaveta's flexible pricing plans, guests and hosts can choose the TrustScore plan that best suits their needs, ensuring access to our innovative AI-powered scoring system and fostering trust, transparency, and compatibility in the vacation rental industry.


Individual Reports


/per  report

The Pay-Per-Report (PPR) option allows guests and hosts to purchase individual TrustScore reports without committing to a subscription plan.

Alphaveta understands that not all guests and hosts require a subscription plan, and some may prefer to purchase individual TrustScore reports on an as-needed basis. To cater to this demand, we offer a Pay-Per-Report option for users who prefer a more flexible approach.

Features include:

Comprehensive TrustScore report for a single guest or host

Detailed AI analysis of user profiles, reviews, and booking history

Compatibility assessment to ensure a good match

To purchase a Pay-Per-Report TrustScore, simply search for the desired guest or host on our platform, select the "Buy TrustScore Report" option, and complete the payment process. The TrustScore report will be made available for immediate viewing and can be downloaded as a PDF for future reference. This pricing option provides the flexibility and convenience that some guests and hosts need, allowing them to access Alphaveta's innovative AI-powered scoring system without committing to a subscription plan.

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